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Alrowad Group urban development  is established in Egypt in 1999 and took to grow since then to become one of the largest institutions of real estate in Egypt, and the Foundation provides Alrowad  of the real estate market more support in the field of the real estate industry , we are Egyptian joint stock company specialized in the field of Real Estate Investment , Egypt is is based headquarters in the Middle East us more than 4 main branches (El mohandseen , Sheikh Zayed, Hadayek Ahram , Heliopolis ) and the largest shows real estate and more than a sales agent around the world to meet the desires of the client while maintaining the accuracy of the implementation and the best features and the most appropriate prices and a longer repayment period is keen Alrowad to choose the finest and largest sites distinctive for their projects and the projects previous company in Sheikh Zayed City and Al sherook  and Gardens Ahram and assembly fifth attest to the level of implementation and the quality and credibility claim it at the highest level , our mission is to work on the development and advancement of the real estate market and provide a global network provides services for local real estate to all our customers through a combination of trained specialists at the highest levels so that we become the pioneers of the real estate market in Egypt and the Arab world .

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